I Can Sell And I Need To Make Some Money Now}

I Can Sell and I Need To Make Some Money Now


Marvin Yakos

Do you need to find a career opportunity now? Are you unemployed? Laid off? Has your company downsized? You might be a very good salesperson. You might have energy and passion and a great desire to find work soon. You know you could be successful if you just found the right business opportunity. You might have even gone to interviews, but found dozens of applicants there before you. Finally, after running ragged, reading want ads and sending out resumes, all you got is silence and the realization that not no one seems to be hiring.

You are not the kind of person that gives up. You still feel that a company is looking for someone just like you. You may be right, because My Zip is looking for someone just like you.

Wehave opportunities in communities around the country. We are looking for people that will give it their all and are looking for an opportunity that they can believe in. We are looking for that person that believes that the best way to secure the future is to create it through hard work and perseverance.

Theposition involves being a Sales Manager/Community Specialist that would introduce exclusive, comprehensive and cost-effective advertising to local businesses. Furthermore, you would tie these local businesses together with nonprofits, schools, clubs, teams and religious organizations. You would meet myriads of people and earn residual income doing so. The potential is here to make a healthy living.

Are you able to take responsibility for your results? You could start today, but first see if the shoe fits. You would work from home, set your own hours, be in charge of your schedule and finally earn what you are worth. We help to train you and provide you with a personalized online office suite, business cards and first-class promotional materials. You would get team support from experienced marketing managers, a company email address and real-time tracking.

All you have to do is live in the community you would be working, have some sales experience, a good track record, a valid drivers license and proof of insurance upon request. An ability to articulate client needs and priorities would also help, along with the ability to integrate various promotional components, be an active listener and be computer literate. Do you agree that the stereotype of the smooth talking’ sales person whose job is to convince and persuade people to buy a product is out-dated and, most of all, ineffective? We need people with common sense and a willingness to adapt.

Now lets see if you can answer yes to most of thesequestions. If so, maybe we should talk.

1. Can you set goals andmaintain a passion for building a business by working hard?

2. Are you a professional that can add value to client relationships beyond the product?

3. Do you have a desire to develop a strong income and manage realistic performance goals?

4. Are you a self-starter that likes to take the initiative and achieve goals?

5. Do you have the self-discipline to be your own boss, set hours and work from home?

6. Is long-term earnings potential equal to your ability important to you?

7. Are you knowledgeable about the businesses and organizations in your community?

Are you interested? If you want to go to the next step, send your resume to opportunity@myziptag.comand dont forget toinclude your phone number and the best times to call.

We look forward to speaking with you and discussing your potential.

Once you get tagged with My Zips smarter, more cost-effective


, your

local business

can grow into the successful business you desire. Just remember, that it takes time to get the word out effectively and My Zip doesthat for you consistently. For more information, go to


or email info@myziptag.com and get tagged now!

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