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Submitted by: Finley Bathhurst

Designer Radiators Make a Dramatic Statement When people go to chose a radiator style for their new home, or need to replace an old radiator, they may not be aware that there are more styles of radiators on the market than the standard box-style wall-mounted radiator. There is an entirely new selection of radiators known as designer radiators.

As the trend towards showing off the radiator (as opposed to concealing it behind a box or screen) has gained momentum in interior design circles, artists have been enlisted to create designer radiators. Designer radiators look more like a piece of art hanging on the wall than a radiator. In fact, people may not even be able to tell that the metal piece hanging on your wall is a radiator!

One style of designer radiator is a column. It stands from the floor to nearly the ceiling, and it comes in a variety of colors to match a rooms dcor. It can be freestanding, or it comes in half-round, which allows it to be mounted against a wall. It would blend in and disappear in a home with other column features, or arched doorways in a Greek Revival style.

One very functional design is a short, deep floor-mounted radiator with a built-in bench seat over it. Not only does this make the space taken up by the radiator functional, but it also provides a warm place to sit. It would make a perfect addition to an entranceway, providing both warmth and a place to remove boots.

Other styles of designer radiators look like large pieces of sheet-metal art, and may be painted or cut in an abstract fashion, or have a covering of hammered copper or shining tin. Still others are freestanding abstract pieces which look like metal sculpture. There are even small, square metal radiators for bathrooms or hallways with built in mirrors, taking the radiator from its traditional position on or near the floor and bringing it up to eye-level.

If that sounds like a bit too much design, there are many styles of metal-pipe, wall-mounted radiators which are still more beautiful and interesting than the traditional style. They may come in polished chrome or brushed stainless steel, or have pipes with gentle, waving bends; there is even a designer radiator on the market made with a heat-disbursing stone instead of metal pipes.

Heated towel rails are also being sculpted with style. Besides offering attractive chrome finishes and curving pipes resembling everything from the height of the art deco movement to futuristic design, designer heated towel rails are offering handy features such as built-in shelving, allowing the home owner to make maximum use of the fixture. Some of them even come as add-on units, which allows them to be attached to an existing traditional radiator. So even if a bathroom radiator cant be replaced due to cost, a stylish new heated towel rail can still be added to it to dress it up.

And if rails really arent wanted, there are heated shelves and boxes where not just a couple of towels can be warmed, but practically the entire contents of the bathroom linen closet!

With so many beautiful and fascinating new designer radiators on the market, it can be difficult to decide between them, or ever whether it would be better to have a more traditional radiator. For people with historic homes, which have been restored and decorated back to their original state, a traditional radiator really must be used. Thankfully, there are companies reproducing antique radiators, so if an old radiator must be replaced, or a new one is needed for a new addition, radiators can be found to match or closely match the existing antique radiators. However, designer radiators lend themselves well to almost every other sort of home, especially new construction. There are so many wonderful designs in radiators today that anyone should be able to find a radiator which appeals to them and matches their homes dcor.

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