Revealing The Truth About Chocolate Myths

Revealing The Truth About Chocolate Myths


Michael Selvon

In ancient civilizations all throughout the Americas, the healers often used chocolate as a remedy and to address various health issues. But is has only been in the last few years that anyone in the Western world acknowledged that chocolates could provide any kind of health benefit. The fact is that even though people consider treats made from cacao delightful to savor, they have also been associated with cavities, acne and other ailments.

But opinions are changing. In recent years there has been a great deal of scientific research that now points to numerous health benefits that people might enjoy from imbibing in chocolates candy and delicacies that previously were thought to be nothing but trouble, except to the taste buds. Chocoholics around the globe are now delighting in these reports, which state that good quality dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate, when eaten in moderation, are not considered detrimental to health but can actually be quite beneficial.

The most common myth that has to do with the consequences of eating chocolate is about acne. Many people believe that the eating of chocolates and acne flare-ups are related. However, in two large research studies that probed the matter, the findings were that the consumption of cacao products was not related to people experiencing an outbreak of acne.


These research studies were conducted by two very reputable and well-respected organizations; the University of Pennsylvania and the United States Naval Academy. In addition to these specific research studies on the correlation between the consumption of chocolates sweets and the incidence of acne, there have also been numerous studies that have shown, in general, no definitive relationship between a person’s diet and acne.

The other major myth about eating chocolates sweets is that it contributes to tooth decay. However, this myth has also been debunked and the Eastman Dental Center. The center conducted research which showed that the commonly known cacao concoctions actually contain some very beneficial phosphates, as well as other minerals. These elements serve to minimize the effects of the sugar that is an ingredient.

As a result of these findings, the researchers concluded that chocolates are the least likely treats or desserts, such as chocolate cake, to end up causing tooth decay and fostering cavities. In a separate study conducted at the Osaka University in Japan, researchers discovered that there are also several antibacterial properties in the cacao that were very effective at counteracting tooth decay. Of course, proper dental hygiene and brushing regularly is a must.

It seems that dark chocolate is an especially rich source of beneficial antioxidants, which can help to counteract the effects of free radicals in the body. On top of that, cacao also has numerous phytochemicals and flavanoids, both of which have a range of healthful benefits. Overall, these reports should help to make people feel even better about buying gifts of chocolate, such as truffles, for the favorite people on their Christmas list.

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Revealing The Truth About Chocolate Myths