Lavatory Toilet Combination Prison Plumbing Fixtures

By Patricia Holland

Combination lavatory toilet units have proven to be some of the safest and most utilitarian prison plumbing fixtures ever invented. These water closets come in a number of configurations that can be wall mounted, floor mounted, chase mounted, or front mounted. Water consumption is heavily regulated at either 1.6GPF or 3.4 GPF. Every combo unit, regardless of model design type, is equipped with flood disabling capability.

Lavatory and toilet combination cabinets are manufactured with anti-ligature requirements in mind. Suicide prevention and weapons manufacture prevention are deterred through several design features. Rigid hooks, for example, are completely absent from the design.

This prevents inmates from having a tie off point. No rough edges are present in the design, so inmates are deterred from cutting themselves. Finally, stainless steel water closets are build with no bars or projections that could be removed and used to make shanks or clubs.

Because vandalism is also a major concern in prisons, water closet combination prison plumbing fixtures must also be built to withstand abuse from emotionally troubled inmates. The first characteristic of the tamper resistant design is a seamless weld that prevents combination lavatory toilet units from being pried open and permanently damaged.

This, in turn, eliminates the need for solder, filler materials, or exposed fasteners in the manufacturing process. Without removable materials, inmates are deterred from manufacturing weapons in their cells.


Another thing that makes lavatory and toilet combination prison plumbing fixtures vandal resistant is the fact that they secure behind the cell walls. Valves and controls can be easily accessed and serviced by maintenance personnel, but inmates cannot pull the combo units from the walls.


The front edge of the toilet alone can take 5,000 pounds of force without buckling, so these units are not going anywhere once they are installed and secured.

Thanks to an angled bowl design that is both utilitarian and flexible, combination water closet prison plumbing fixtures can be installed in a variety of architectural layouts. Units can be installed in correctional facilities with angled walls. They can also be fitted to triangular pipe chases.

Due to the convenience of the all-in-one design, installation is efficient and simple. It is far easier for builders to install these units than it would be to install separate toilets and lavatories.

Units feature self draining soap dishes and fast draining lavatories. Water conservation is also factored into the low consumption design. GPF is either 1.6 or 3.4, depending on specific model.

Since cell flooding has been a problem in many detention centers in past decades, these new units are equipped with flood disabling capability. Self-draining toilet rims prevent spillage onto the floor. The lavatory on top of the unit is also overflow resistant.

Combo water closet prison plumbing fixtures are also designed for maximum sanitation. The seamlessness of the construction leaves no room for crevices for bacteria to multiply in.

All combination lavatory toilet units are built from stainless steel. Interior supply piping and drains are also stainless, and mounting hardware is rustproof, with brass trim and valves.

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