How To Use Facebook To Get Girls Hot Lonely Girls!

How To Use Facebook To Get Girls…Facebook is a GOLDMINE when it comes to meeting women. But it’s VERY crucial you do it the correct way…Below are 2 rules which are super easy to follow. You can use these 2 rules to routinely meet girls online and set something going with them offline.

>>> Rule Number 1…Make Friends with the people who have lots of good looking female acquaintances. In plain English…Become friends with people that you’re NOT wanting to date but have large networks. Remember to be very discreet when you’re just starting to use Facebook.

Don’t behave like a unintelligent spammer! Go to MySpace if your only interested in spamming. Your here to pick up hot women! Facebook isn’t “” or whatever, you can’t simply start sending out messages or invites trying to get lucky based on numbers. Just about all people hate the abusers, & you are going to just get banned entirely from Facebook.


Start out by building light connections…Friends at first. Make certain you’ve set up a normal looking Facebook profile. Be subtle. You don’t desire people to believe you’re a creepy-crawly player. The aim is to snowball your results & magnify your connection potential by slowly making new friends with a lot of people who are friends with a lot more people.

Once you start by hitting on that hot girl you like right from the beginning, you actually ruin your results with this ill-judged scheme. You need to plan LONG term. Once you become friends with many of the cool folks, your internet social band of course builds up which makes it a lot simpler to meet those hot sexy women. It besides makes you appear like you’re a mixer person, which puts women at rest.

>>> Rule Number 2…Become Friends with Girls you like really indirectly. Simply friend asking the girl and include a simple message with your request! It can be something simple like “hello There, I noticed we’re both friends with Connie and I see you enjoy skiing also… Have you ever been to Mount Baker?”

The brilliance of this simple friend request is that I asked a simple question within the request. So to reply it, she’s going to feel compelled to accept my request to become friends.

As well, folks just like accumulating friends on Facebook. Just about all of us appraise our social success by the number of friends we have on Facebook. Everyone desires a huge network, just about all girls will really WANT to accept your friend request, at the very least to increase their friend count.

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