How To Make A Container Home?

How to Make a Container Home?


Joseph Cherian

Do you making a house of your own is out of your reach? Making a house is a dream of many people but escalating construction cost is making it difficult to construct a house. Now there is an option available to construct house in lesser cost for those people. House using shipping containers is getting more and more popular among people these days. A person who wants a different living environment is choosing container homes widely. They are eco friendly and they have multiple purposes they can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. These modular buildings are the latest innovation in construction industry.

Step 1: Choosing Your House

There are different steps in building your container home. First you have to plan your house you have to decide the size of your home then decide how many containers you need to build it. There are different ways that you can stack containers and make different shape you can choose them in different orientations as well. Choose the layouts according to your needs and budget.


Step 2: Finding A Site And Making Foundation

Second step in making container homes is making you site ready for occupying a home. Making a house with containers is an innovative idea you have to choose a site which fits all your needs then you have to obtain permit for making the house. You must build a suitable foundation for your house the foundation must match the style of house that you are planning to build. Container homes must have good foundation in order to prevent corrosion and uneven settlements on the ground.

Step 3: Find Your Container

Third step is to find container for making you house. Price of containers is really cheap comparing to that of constructing a new building. Containers can cost from $1500 to $2000. Major advantage of containers is that is comes from with walls roofs and floors. Important thing that you have to remember is that you have to remove the floor of the container before using it. The floor of the containers will be made of different chemicals removing floors will help in avoiding health issues. Choose the containers wisely because the dimensions can vary so you have to choose the right containers. You have to make necessary arrangements of the shipment of container to your site.

Step 4: Making Container Home

After shipping containers to your site you have install it on the foundation. You have to first paint with exterior paint with different colors you like. Cut the sides of the containers to install doors and windows. You can use these sides to create doors and windows. Make your container a home by placing different utilities. You have to use proper insulation before using it. You can know more about container homes and other modular buildings using internet and other classifieds. It will be better if you study carefully about container homes before starting to construct it. Have a beautiful home and change dimension of your lifestyle.

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