How Esophagus Patients To Eat?

By Himfr Paul

Esophageal cancer patients how to eat instead? Ate esophageal cancer patients and their families has been the most troublesome problem, because we know that the patients suffered from esophageal cancer in general can not be smooth like a normal person eating in patients with advanced even eat anything. So how to eat became the most important care issues. Esophageal Cancer Hospital, Shijiazhuang Hebei experts: If you can not meet the nutritional needs of patients volume, multi-body weight decreased significantly, and even the performance of severe malnutrition. Therefore, to extend the life improve immunity, nutrition is very important.

Expert: esophageal cancer patients should be 1 to 3 days after fasting, gastrointestinal decompression, mainly by intravenous infusion of glucose, fat emulsion, amino acids, vitamins and other substances for nutrition. After surgery until 3 to 4 days after patient discharge, you can remove stomach tube, feeding liquid, including water, juice, milk, soup, etc.; also can eat the whole liquid nutrition through enteral feeding solution, note that in multiple consumption, total capacity of about 1500 ml.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy for patients with nausea and vomiting, anorexia and other gastrointestinal symptoms, impact of eating low fat high protein foods can be used, not so greasy fried food, cooking, easy to light, delicious taste to pay attention to color, flavor, increase the number of non-irritating seasoning to enhance the appetite of patients. Can be used to aid digestion of acidic taste of some foods, such as hawthorn cake, made of red jam and other food. Have anemia attention to the selection of iron-rich foods, such as the liver type, date, animal blood, etc., the performance of mild dysphagia in patients who can give semi-liquid food, food should be high protein high energy vitamin. If boil for a short little meatballs, vegetables Long Xumian crushed the small wonton various meat dishes congee Rousong other soft they pass the cake and swallow food. To supplement of vitamin C, can be used tender leafy, Jiagua class system broken soft or mashed.


If esophageal dysphagia in patients with heavy meals should be homogenized, homogenized diet is a normal diet to stab and boneless, the use of high-speed tissue crushing machine Jiaocheng paste, the nutrient with the normal diet similar, but in vitro has been shattered, easy digestion and absorption, to avoid long-term single diet can prevent constipation. Viscosity of the liquid can also eat foods such as baby rice paste, sesame paste, steamed custards, all kinds of porridge, etc..

Zhao experts suggest you: take care of an esophageal cancer patients should eat the same attention to nutrition problems, sometimes because of poor nutrition in patients with esophageal cancer will result in weight loss and so on. Pay attention to oral hygiene, brushing twice daily and dinner is required, if necessary, used or Duo Beier Gargle warm salt water, the prevention of oral infections, in order to avoid difficulties and increase the consumption decreased body resistance; can at every meal, let patients to drink a small amount of warm water washing the esophagus, esophageal play a relieve inflammation and edema, but also a number of drugs taken in accordance with your doctor, these drugs stick in the esophagus wall, to protect, repair of esophageal mucosa, relieve pain and difficulty eating.

Esophageal cancer patients to eat, drink water not the point, be saved? Interventional therapy can be used! Shijiazhuang, Hebei hospital use, “Electrochemical involved with the particle support” technology, not surgery, chemotherapy, without letting go, no pain, low cost, has been treating cancer, more than 10,000 cases of cardiac and other patients, became the first specialized hospital treatment of esophageal cancer . Electrochemical intervention by a very soft electrode into tumor tissue, directly kill tumor cells, the tumor rapidly shrinking rapidly clear of obstruction, treatment can be successful dinner. Stent placement particles can completely lost reproductive ability of tumor cells, there is no harm to normal tissue, while distraction esophagus so that food passed. Significantly longer survival time, reduce pain and improve quality of life in patients with esophageal cancer.

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