Frequently Asked Questions About An Ear Infection In Bethlehem Pa


When individuals have an ear infection, they often experience tremendous pain along with additional symptoms. Individuals can get relief when they visit a physician who specializes in medical issues that affect the ear, nose and throat. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn important information about the symptoms and treatment for an Ear Infection in Bethlehem PA.

What causes individuals to have an ear infection?

Individuals can get an ear infection when bacteria or a virus settles inside the middle portion of the inner ear. When this section of the ear becomes infected, fluid can build up inside the ear and inflammation will occur. Swimming in water that isn’t clean, such as a river or pond, can cause an ear infection when bacteria gets into the ear.

Ear infections often follow a cold, a respiratory illness or the flu because when a person has nasal congestion it heightens the risk of an ear infection. Infants and small children are more susceptible to ear infections because the tubes inside their ears are still tiny.

What are the symptoms that are associated with an ear infection?

Individuals can have symptoms in one of their ears or they can have a double ear infection that affects both of their ears. The most common and bothersome symptom is ear pain, which can be mild to severe. Some individuals will have a drainage of pus from their ear.

Additional symptoms include pressure inside the ear, a ringing sound inside the ear and hearing loss. Some people even experience nausea, dizziness and vomiting when they have a severe infection in their ear.

What treatments are available to cure an ear infection?

A physician who specializes in the treatment of an Ear Infection in Bethlehem PA may prescribe oral antibiotics or ear drops to place inside the ear canal. To ease the ear pain, individuals can take over the counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Individuals should refrain from getting water inside the ear or doing any activities that increase the pain.

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