Earn Money Or Save Money With Used Car Parts In Mount Juliet

byAlma Abell

Used car parts can both save you money and make you money. Car repairs can be expensive, but for the DIY person, used auto parts can cut the cost of those repairs by more than half. A good scrap or salvage yard will keep a running inventory of the used vehicles on their lot and will either pull the parts for you, or allow you to pull it yourself. The same scrap yards that sell you the used parts also buy scrap metal and will give you cash for your old car parts. Look to the salvage yards to save or make money on Used Car Parts Mount Juliet.


An electric window motor is expensive to replace. The cost of having a dealership replace that part can run several hundreds or even a thousand dollars. Doing it yourself can cost anywhere from $60 – $100 if you get the part used and install it yourself. You can watch videos on the internet to learn how to install Used Car Parts Mount Juliet. Buying used and doing it yourself will cost you time, but save you money.

There are scrap yards that have thousands of Used Car Parts Mount Juliet in their vehicle inventory. Each car is cataloged and entered into a computer that keeps a running list of what is available and where. Once it has been determined that they have the part on their lot, they can usually give you a general price for it. The cost will increase if you have them pull the part, but some places will let you pull it yourself, saving them the labor and you the money.

Once you have installed the new-used window motor, you have the old one to dispose of, it can be worth cash. The same scrap yard where you purchased the motor might also buy Used Car Parts Mount Juliet. You might want to look around and see if you have some old rims, gutters, motors or other scrap metal laying around. If so, take it to the salvage yard; earn some of that cash back.

Going to a scrap yard can help you keep green in your wallet, or put more back into it. When you make car repairs yourself, there is a sense of satisfaction in a job well done and money saved. Visiting your local scrap yard is the place to start.