Disability Tax Credit Benefits For Parkinsons Disease A Great Relief To Sufferers}

Disability Tax Credit Benefits For Parkinsons Disease – A Great Relief To Sufferers


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Parkinsons disease or PD is a neurological disorder and is one among the many conditions that constitute the motor system disorders. The British doctor James Parkinson called it the shaking palsy and it was his path breaking efforts in recognising and distinguishing the symptoms of this disorder that gave it his name. The brain produces certain chemicals called dopamine which sends out signals within the brain to ensure a consistent and easy movement of muscles. When this shaking disorder strikes, the cells which produce the dopamine are destructed or disintegrated, due to which the patients lose control of their movements.

The symptoms of PD include wobbling and shaking of the arms, legs, jaw and face; severe rigidity or firmness of the limbs including the trunk; a condition called bradykinesia which causes movements to slow down and weakness in balance and coordination. When these symptoms become more prominent, the patients ability to talk, walk and even do simple tasks comes down. The early signs of this disease are quite restrained and begin to show up only over a period of time and starts progressing quickly. As the condition advances, the trembling and the shaking begins to come in the way of your day to day activities, sometimes causing difficulty in even chewing and speaking. At times, it poses urinary, skin and constipation problems; upsets the normal sleep pattern and even results in depression and other emotional crisis.


A full version of Parkinsons disease can have a crippling effect and make you disabled. The early symptoms are usually difficult to diagnose and since this occurs in people over the age of 50, it is more often than not ignored and passed off as one of the signs of aging. Diagnosis would require going in for brain scans and other lab tests. Understanding the complexity of such a disorder, the Canadian government has granted a disability status to it and extended disability tax credit benefits to residents suffering from PD.

There is no permanent cure for PD. However, treatment can be given in the form of medications to check the further advancement of the disorder and keep the symptoms under control. The treatment methods vary from person to person depending on the condition and the body constituency of the patient. Surgical options are also available in extreme cases.

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Disability Tax Credit Benefits For Parkinsons Disease – A Great Relief To Sufferers}