Dealing With New York Traffic, Urban Survival

byAlma Abell

New York City is a very large urban center. The high population density creates some interesting scenarios when it comes to getting around. The city design, all the people, and other unique aspects to NYC make traveling in the city different than in other places. These challenges are overcome in a number of ways, making NYC a marvel of urban living.

Driving in New York City

There are a number of reasons that driving in New York City may be more hassle than it is worth. Parking spaces is incredibly limited within the city, which means having a car can be expensive and inconvenient. The large volume of people causes a lot of congestion on the streets, with terribly slow rush hours, and a lot of time wasted in traffic jams. With this in mind, there are a lot of taxis for hire, which is a quick and easy way to travel throughout the city. Taxis do the driving for you, so you don’t have to deal with the stress. You also don’t need to worry about parking a taxi. Public transit in NYC is also a well-used option; with service throughout all the major centers.

Walking and Cycling

New York City is designed to not need a car very often. As there is so many services, it is unusual to have to go very far for what you need. Local shops and service providers do good business in the area, because they are convenient for you. With most things being within walking distance, you can see why cars would be unusual. For the longer distances, biking is a great solution. You can find a New York City bike rental with ease. Secure bike parking is also a lot easier to find than parking for a vehicle, if you use it enough to purchase a bike.