Traveling With Air Transat

By Lisa Steinway

Air Transat is a popular holiday travel airline. They fly to over sixty destinations from Canada on a regular basis. As part of an international tour packager, they are committed to making travel comfortable and environmentally friendly. The environmental policy of Air Transat is a commitment to sustainable travel, and responsible tourism. They are the first airline to be designated ‘green’ by the World Green Aviation Council, and the head office is the first building in Canada to obtain the LEED-EB Platinum certification for sustainable building. Air Transat also ranked first in the world for its environmental performance under the ‘Atmosfair Airline Index’.

Air Transat is also committed to developing and operating sustainable tourism. This means respect for the environment, respect for the host countries, and the potential of tourism as a factor in economic development. They have consultants at destination sites to encourage sustainable practices in their partners and suppliers on the ground, with a vision of responsible socioeconomic practices and relationships with those communities.

Air Transat has been operating as a tour operator for twenty-five years. Because it is a holiday airline, the choice of departure and return is on their schedule. You might find the flight to your destination leaves only on Wednesdays, or Tuesdays and Thursdays. This allows them to operate most efficiently, and put together tours to accommodate the holiday traveler. They also offer packages, with hotel included in the price. Because their focus is tour operations, Air Transat has negotiated favourable prices at hotels everywhere they fly. For cheap hotels, it makes most sense to book a hotel when you book your flight with Air Transat, or book a package. Packages to Europe this summer range from five nights to eight days. Many of these packages include breakfast, and some include a day of guided sightseeing.


When looking for a package from Air Transat, a good place to start planning is an online discount travel site. These sites will show the available flights and packages as well as last-minute deals. Many tour operators offer great discounts as the departure time draws closer. It is better to sell off empty seats and operate at capacity. Discount travel sites will allow you to compare various tour packages, and find one that suits your schedule and budget.

When looking for cheap hotels, Air Transat has an extensive offering of aparthotels in Europe, which include a kitchen and high speed internet, as well as other comforts of home. Most also have irons and ironing boards, so you can make yourself at home while enjoying the convenience of being in the centre of your destination city. Air Transat has partner hotels in Europe and Florida. They guarantee cleanliness and quality of service, as well as the best prices. They have also partnered with villas in Italy, for a unique holiday experience in Italy.

Check out Air Transat flights on discount travel websites. for great flight deals and cheap hotels, whether you are traveling to a sun destination, or Europe. They are experts in travel.

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